Russell Moore: 'Politics Has Become a Religion In America'
Speaking on the gospel and cultural engagement at a national conference sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore complained that politics has become a religion and a source of identity for many evangelicals.  The over-promising that is taking place in the evangelical life in relation to electoral politics has been going on for several years, probably more than in the outside culture, said ERLC President Moore at a Saturday panel Q&A at the ERLC's 2016 national conference at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee. He said he has heard the statement, "This is the most important election we have faced in my lifetime," from various people every election cycle over the years. And it's often said either we'll win or completely lose our country. This leads to two undesirable things, he added....
Headlines & Articles For Tuesday, August 30th, 2016
Trump Still Struggling to Clarify Immigration Stand
Immigration may be Donald Trump's signature issue but he's struggling to defend where he stands after seeming to soften his position last week. Late Sunday he announced that he'll give a "major speech on illegal immigration" in Arizona on Wednesday.  ...
Barna: Only 3 Percent of Teens Read the Bible Daily
A recent nationwide study revealed on Friday 10 major findings about the influence of the Bible on American teens and their interaction with God’s Word — including the fact that just 3 percent of teens read the Bible every day....
Business Insider: The Target Boycott Costs $20 Million
A boycott against Target over its bathroom policy seems to be costing the retailer more than anyone expected. The boycott started in April after Target announced that it would welcome transgender customers to use any bathroom or fitting room that matched their gender identity. The announcement triggered an immediate backlash.....
The Stream: Despite Rape and Torture, ISIS Captive Refused to Renounce Christianity Before Execution
Former hostages say an Arizona woman slain by Islamic State militants remained steadfast in her Christian faith and stood up to her captors despite being tortured, raped and verbally abused. Four ex-hostages who had shared cells with Kayla Mueller spoke publicly for the first time in an interview with ABC News that aired on Friday...
ISIS Terrorists Infiltrating Canada, Suspected of Plotting Attacks
The Canadian government is warning its citizens that it knows of at least 180 people who have traveled abroad to join terror groups and is tracking another 60 “extremist travelers who had returned to Canada,” according to a new government report that provides further evidence of the Islamic State’s migration to North America. ...
Sanhedrin Appoints High Priest in Preparation for Third Temple
A significant step was recently taken towards reinstating the Temple service when the nascent Sanhedrin selected Rabbi Baruch Kahane as the next Kohen Gadol (high priest). The selection was made as a precaution for Yom Kippur. If the political conditions should change, allowing the Jews access to the Temple Mount, they will be required by Torah law to bring the sacrifices. Rabbi Kahane is confident that if that should happen, Temple service could begin in less than one week.   .
Atheists Troll Christian Children's Home Facebook Page, Force It to Shut Down
Murrow Indian Children's Home, which refused donation from atheist, raised the ire of the irreligious worldwide. Home's Facebook page was overrun with anti-Christian comments, but ministry receives support from American Baptist Home Missions Societies....
NY Post: Team Obama’s New Low In the Name of ‘Transgender Rights’
One of the top guardians of American freedoms just entered the fight against the Obama administration’s insane excesses in the name of “trans rights.” The Department of Health and Human Services recently issued rules telling doctors they can’t decline to perform gender-reassignment surgery on kids if it’s recommended by a “mental health professional.” Refusal could be a career-ender. How crazy is the rule? Well, for starters, most trans teens identify.......
Gossip Rag Claims Christian QB Russell Wilson Brainwashing His Wife
Christian quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, pop singer Ciara, are targeted with hit piece on their marriage; "entertainment" website claims the Christian football player has brainwashed his wife....
Rush Limbaugh: Kaepernick Lauded, Cowboys Can't Honor Slain Cops
Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday blasted what he sees as a double standard in the National Football League as 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been in the spotlight for refusing to stand during the national anthem before a game....
College Course Probes Religion of SEC Football
Presbyterian College professors, one an Arkansas Razorback fan and the other an Alabama fan, are teaching a course comparing religious devotion to enthusiasm for SEC football.....
Salon: 'Mysticore' Is the New NormInside the Trend That’s 
Casting Its Spell Over the Culture
Not just witches are enjoying a cultural renaissance, though. All manner of magic is in the air, as the New Age movement’s lighter granola-and-Zen fare has given way to the practice of a more modern mysticism, where conversations about conjuring, personal shamans and powerful potions can be intense as they are ubiquitous.   ...
Mike Adams: Churches and the Dangerous Ministers of Multiculturalism
....When a pastor specifically claims that his church is “multicultural” and he infuses that term into the identity of the church it means something very different. It means that he is a truth denier and a slave to political correctness. Put simply, multiculturalism has come to mean an acceptance of cultural relativism. And that by necessity involves a rejection of the idea of absolute truth...
Thousands Quit Church After New Digital Format
Thousands of parishioners have left the Lutheran Church in Norway after the church started using a new digital membership program. Church-goers are easily able to indicate if they are members of the Lutheran Church with this new high-tech system.....Since the launch of the program, nearly 16,000 people have terminated their church membership. Meanwhile, some 1,300 new people have signed up for membership....
Michael Snyder: More Americans Than Ever Are Losing Their Religion
Never before in U.S. history have so many Americans chosen to be unaffiliated with any particular religious group. As you will see below, the percentage of “nones” in this country has absolutely skyrocketed over the past decade. But not all faiths are losing members in the United States. In fact, Islam, Buddhism, Wicca and various New Age organizations have all experienced excellent growth in recent years. Sadly, almost all of the growth for the “nones” has come at the expense of Christianity. Americans are leaving the Christian faith in droves, and this is why many of our churches are less than half full on Sunday mornings. .
Walsh: Colin KaepernickYou’re Not OppressedYou’re Spoiled
Colin Kaepernick is a mediocre NFL quarterback who makes millions of dollars a year playing a game. He is among the many black or biracial Americans who’ve risen from unfortunate circumstances to enjoy the kind of wealth, luxury, fame, and success that most people in the world can hardly imagine. There is no country on Earth that so enables its citizens — particularly its ethnic minorities — to do the kinds of thing Kaepernick has done. But that has not made him grateful, apparently. He still refused to stand for the National Anthem before a 49ers preseason game this past weekend. After the game, he explained that America is a racist country that “oppresses” black people. ...
Brown: Rise Of The 'Nones'Why People Are Leaving The Faith Of Their Childhood
An important new survey by Pew Research asks why people who were raised in religious homes but who now identify as religious "nones" - having no religious affiliation - decided to leave the faith of their childhood. The results were varied, but according to the survey, "Half of 'nones' left childhood faith over lack of belief, one-in-five cite[d] dislike of organized religion." Of this half of "nones" who say they no longer believe, many "mention 'science' as the reason they do not believe in religious teachings" while others "reference 'common sense,' a 'lack of evidence' -or simply say they do not believe in God."  ..
Matt Barber: The Entire ‘LGBT’ Narrative Just Crumbled
If your daughter, sister, mother or friend “identified” as a fat person trapped in a perilously emaciated body — if she truly believed she was obese, but, in reality, suffered from anorexia — would you affirm her “fatness” and get her liposuction, or would you go to the ends of the earth to help her bring her subjective (and mistaken) identity into alignment with objective reality? When someone is engaged in demonstrably self-destructive behavior, it is not loving, but hateful, to encourage persistence....
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Headlines & Articles For Monday, August 29th, 2016
UN Poised To Take Control of the Internet
When the Obama administration announced its plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet, it promised the United Nations would never take control. But because of the administration’s naiveté or arrogance, U.N. control is the likely result if the U.S. gives up internet stewardship as planned at midnight on Sept. 30. On Friday Americans for Limited Government received a response to its Freedom of Information Act request for “all records relating to legal and policy analysis . . . concerning antitrust issues for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers” if the U.S. gives up oversight. The administration replied it had “conducted a thorough search for responsive records within its possession and control and found no records responsive to your request." It’s shocking the administration admits it has no plan for how Icann retains its antitrust exemption. The reason Icann can operate the entire World Wide Web root zone is that it has... 
Christians Being Used as 'Target Practice'
More reports of the brutal treatment that Christians and other minorities experienced at the hands of the Islamic State (SIS) emerged during May. One account told of a couple who, after their children were abducted by ISIS militants, answered their door one day to find a plastic bag on their doorstep. It contained the body parts of their daughters and a video of them being brutally tortured and raped. Another Christian mother from Mosul answered the door to find.......
'Longest Living Human' Says He 'Just Wants To Die' at 145 Years Old
An Indonesian man who claims to be the longest living human in recorded history has described how he “just wants to die”. Mbah Gotho, from Sragen in central Java, was born on December 31, 1870, according to the date of birth on his identity card. Now officials at the local record office say they have finally been able to confirm that remarkable date as genuine.   ...
Indonesia: Catholic Priest Stabbed by ISIS Terrorist During Mass
A 60-year-old Catholic priest in Indonesia was stabbed during Sunday morning mass by an ISIS jihadi wielding an axe. The 18-year-old terrorist attacked the preist after attempting to blow up hundreds of worshippers with a homemade backpack bomb at St. Yoseph Church in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra. ...
Gun Ownership Rises To 44% of All Homes
After a steady decline in gun ownership in recent years, more homes are reporting having a weapon inside, according to a new survey. Pew Research Center, in a poll on guns released Friday, showed that 44 percent of the country has a gun in the house. Some 51 percent don't.A...
Turkey Thrusts Deeper Into Syria
Turkish warplanes roared into northern Syria pounded sites held by Kurdish YPG militia, seizing territory controlled by Kurdish-aligned forces on the fifth day of a cross-border campaign that has killed dozens of villagers.  The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported fierce overnight fighting around two villages.  Turkey said 25 Kurdish militants were killed in its air strikes and denied there were civilian casualties. There was no immediate comment from the YPG, but forces aligned with the group have said it had withdrawn from the area prior to the assault.....
Luther's Anti-Semitism Brought Back to Life
Lutheran Churches worldwide are getting ready to honor the 500th anniversary of their founder Martin Luther. Martin Luther's well-known anti-Semitic diatribes and biblical commentaries have been worked through and are in disrepute with many Lutheran Christians....
America's Looming Demographic WinterCan We Avoid a Fertility Free Fall?
We've talked before on BreakPoint about the fertility crisis facing China, Japan, and much of Europe--all of which face what has been called a "demographic winter." Until recently, the United States has been an exception to this distressing trend, but this seems no longer the case...
Markell: Why Are The Pulpits Silent On Bible Prophecy?
....LifeWay Research is a Nashville-based, evangelical research firm that specializes in surveys about faith in culture and matters that affect the church. They report that a third of America's Protestant pastors expect Christians to be Raptured -- or taken up in the sky to meet Jesus -- as the last of the last days begin. Over 36% believe in a pre-Tribulation Rapture. In spite of this glorious good news, their pulpits remain silent.  Over 50% of Protestant pastors, according to the survey, believe in a literal Antichrist -- but their pulpits are silent.  Most pastors hold to the basic teachings of Christ's Second Coming -- but their pulpits are silent.. .
Church Shopping: Warm Welcomes & Preaching Attract Americans 
When searching for a church, Americans are looking for two main things: quality of preaching and a congregation that offers a warm welcome.  Half of American adults have looked for a new congregation at some point in their lives, according to a Pew Research study released this month.  Of those, 83 percent say the quality of preaching and the tone set by the church leaders are the top most important factors in finding a new fellowship. ....


Headlines & Articles For Weekend, August 27th-28th, 2016
Michael O'Loughlin: Trump Makes a Place for Faith
For more than a year now, religiously motivated voters and political pundits have tried to figure out what role faith plays in the life and politics of Republican White House hopeful Donald J. Trump, discerning whether or not the Manhattan real estate mogul might make a good partner on issues ranging from abortion to religious liberty and everything in between. The conclusion among those who have mined his past, visited his former churches and studied old interviews is that, like his campaign itself, Mr. Trump’s beliefs cannot be pinned down to any particular ideology or movement, and as a result, they could be molded to fit various agendas. Mr. Trump was born in 1946 into a family who attended a Presbyterian church in Queens, N.Y...By the 1970s, Mr. Trump’s parents, Fred and Mary, joined the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, home of “positive thinking” preacher Norman Vincent Peale. ...
Albert Mohler: What Became of the Christian Intellectuals? There is More to the Story
Where have the Christian intellectuals gone? There can be no question that the public square is increasingly devoid of any serious Christian thought and depopulated of Christian thinkers. Alan Jacobs perceives that a full generation ago, “American intellectuals as a group lost the ability to hear the music of religious thought and practice.” Surely, he added, “that happened at least in part because we Christian intellectuals ceased to play it for them.”...
Kayla Mueller in Captivity: Courage, Selflessness as She Defended Christian Faith to ISIS Executioner 'Jihadi John'
American hostage Kayla Mueller was tortured, verbally abused, forced into slave labor for ISIS commanders in Syria and raped by the group's top leader, but her fellow hostages say she never surrendered hope, she selflessly put the welfare of fellow captives above her own and she even stood up to executioner "Jihadi John" to declare her Christian faith. ....
FBI Admits Clinton Used Software Designed To 'Prevent Recovery' And 'Hide Traces Of' Deleted Emails
South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News today and disclosed new details about the Clinton email scandal that seem to indicate intent to destroy evidence. Per the clip below, Gowdy reveals that Clinton used "BleachBit" to erase the "personal" emails from her private server.  For those not familiar with the software, BleachBit is intended to help users delete files in a way to "prevent recovery" and "hide traces of files deleted."...
Russian Believers May Need to Disobey New Law
Christians in Russia are grappling with a new law that effectively makes it illegal for them to share their faith, preach or pray outside of officially designated sites. "Everybody is stunned. It came so quickly, so unexpectedly," said Sergey Rakhuba, president of Mission Eurasia, an organization that equips young church leaders in countries in the post-Soviet world and Eurasia. ...
Pew Research: What Do Americans Look For In a Church?
About half of all Americans have looked for a new congregation at some point in their lives. But how they have searched, and what they were seeking, has depended to some degree on their age..
Peter Wehner: Under the Dark Spell of Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr. Is Damaging Public Christian Witness
....Falwell has fallen under the dark spell of Donald Trump. That is not a crime, but it is having a corrosive effect on his intellectual and moral judgment. He is saying witless and defamatory things. For those of us of the Christian faith, the fact that Falwell is viewed by many as an Evangelical leader makes it that much worse. We have been pained by the harm that a previous generation did to Christian public witness because of partisan, reckless, and graceless comments. ..
Caroline Glick: Trump and the American Dream
According to most polls taken since last month’s party conventions, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton enjoys an insurmountable lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump. Consequently, a number of commentators on both sides of the partisan divide have declared the race over. Clinton, they say, has won. There are several problems with this conclusion....
Lloyd Billingsley: Extremist Islam in Canada
Leading Canadian politicians have been proclaiming that, despite what former prime minister Stephen Harper contended, Islamic extremism is rare or nonexistent in Canada’s mosques, and that to believe otherwise is racist or Islamophobic. On the other hand, an investigation by two experts finds that in some Canadian mosques and school libraries, extremist Islamic literature is the only brand available. ....
Kathy Keller: Our Faith Is Historically Verifiable—Or It’s Nothing
....Of all belief systems, Christianity is the only one that insists its truths must be founded on the historical existence of a person named Jesus, and that further, he historically said and did the things claimed of him.  Most importantly, if Jesus didn’t die and rise again), then, as Paul.......
Anyabwile: Preacher, Don’t Trust Yourself in Your Preaching
.... I suspect that most preachers regularly fight to put their trust in the correct place when it comes to their preaching. Maybe that’s just me, but I’m probably not alone. It seems to me it’s easy for the preacher to trust himself even when he doesn’t intend to. Here a few ways that can happen.....
Tim Challies: One Very Good Reason to Read Your Bible
....One of the great benefits of having access to the Bible and to private spaces is that we have all we need to engage in this time of daily devotion. We can easily find a time and space to read the Bible, to ponder it, and to pray. But maybe this individual practice has spawned an individual spirit. Maybe we see devotions as something we do first for ourselves. ...
Thomas Overmiller: How to Never Be Offended
Are you easily offended? Thin-skinned? Hypersensitive? Touchy? ...Many Christians share your struggle, but they don’t have to! I say this because of Psalm 119:165, a verse that I strongly encourage you to memorize and embrace.  ...
Bruce Oyen: Ahaz—A Wicked King and Religious Pragmatism
One of Judah’s wicked kings was Ahaz. His notorious history is found in 2 Chronicles 28 and in 2 Kings 16. We can learn how religious pragmatism works by a consideration of Ahaz’s use of it. And we should do so, for such pragmatism is alive and well, even among those who call themselves evangelicals and Fundamentalists....
Hoyle BowmanHe Finished His Course
On August 23, 2016, Dr. Hoyle Bowman left this earth and was welcomed into the literal heaven he taught about so faithfully. That his home going occurred on the first day that fall 2016 classes were held on the campus of Piedmont International University is strikingly appropriate...
David Cloud: How To Conduct Yourself During Preaching
“But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Timothy 3:15)...
Dan Pelletier: Wine Is a Mocker
....These homeless souls are a real burden to my heart. Jesus died for them. We need to try to reach them! Yet, the ravages of sin seem to have almost stolen away their souls, turning them into zombie-like characters who are nearly impossible to communicate with. Don’t tell me that it’s ok to play with liquor, marijuana, and other drugs! Don’t tell me that the Christian response is anything less than what God calls for.....
Jacobs: What Became of the Christian Intellectuals?
....It would be valuable to have at our disposal some figures equipped for the task of mediation — people who understand the impulses from which these troubling movements arise, who may themselves belong in some sense to the communities driving these movements but are also part of the liberal social order. They should be intellectuals who speak the language of other intellectuals, including the most purely secular, but they should also be fluent in the concepts and practices of faith.... Half a century ago, such figures existed in America: serious Christian intellectuals who occupied a prominent place on the national stage. They are gone now. It would be worth our time to inquire why they disappeared, where they went, and whether—should such a thing be thought desirable—they might return. .
Brandenburg: Why I'm King James and the Contrast with a Dangerous King James Version Position 
Like many English speaking people, I rely on the King James Version.  I have biblical reasons.  There are biblical reasons.  The number one biblical reason is the doctrine of divine, perfect preservation of the text of scripture in the language in which it was written.  The Bible teaches its own perfect preservation, including how it was to be and is preserved by God.  This is also the historical view. The view I believe is also the view, the only view, of believers for centuries.  The King James Version is translated from that text of scripture.  There is no other English translation from that text.  For that reason, I trust the King James Version.....
World War 3 Coming Soon? Tanks Roll Across The Border As Turkish Invasion Of Syria Begins
The invasion of Syria that so many people have been warning about is now happening.  On Wednesday, Turkish tanks rolled across the Syrian border, and they were accompanied by radical Islamic Syrian rebels that want to ultimately overthrow the Assad regime....The mainstream media in the United States has been very quiet about this escalation of the conflict in Syria, but things are much different in the rest of the world.  ..
Book Review: The Faith of Woodrow Wilsonby Barry Hankins
....One would expect that a committed Christian, reared in the rich southern Presbyterian tradition, and a scholar himself, would think deeply about the theological implications of nearly everything. Wilson didn’t. For him, to be a Christian was to cultivate private piety and public justice—a sort of two spheres approach. He didn’t believe doctrine helped much in these matters. . .



Robert G.

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The Meaning of Christmas    Luke 1:78
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Billy Sunday
Broken Down Altars    1 Kng 18:30
Show Thyself a Man     1 Kng 2:2
The Devil's Boomerangs     Ecc 11:9
Teach Us To Pray      Luk 11:1
The Blood of Jesus Christ    Heb 9:13-14

Charles H.
I Would, But Ye Would Not!    Mat 23:37
Open House For All Comers   Luke 15:2
Why Some Seekers Are Not Saved   Is 59:1-2
Fathers in Christ    1 Jn 2:13,14
The Fatherhood of God     Mat 6:9
The Drawings of Divine Love    Jn 6:44-45
The Saint's Horror at the Sinner's Hell   Ps 26:9

D. Marytn

A Living Hope of the Hereafter    I Peter 1:3-5
Faith On Trial   Psalm 73:1-2
The Christian & the Non-Christian   Eph. 4:20
The Breadth, Length, Depth, Height of God's Love
God Or Mammon    Matt. 6:19-24

T. DeWitt Talmage
The Laughter of the Bible    Psalm 126:2  2:4
The Power of Kindness    Prov. 15:15
Windows Opened Toward Jerusalem   Dan 6:10
The Ministry of Tears    Rev 7:17
The Spider in Palaces    Pro 30:28

G. Campbell
Christ's Call To Courage    Matt. 9:2, 22
The Optimism of Faith    Heb. 11:1
Christ's Vision of Jerusalem    Luke 9:51
As An Eagle...The Lord Did Lead    Deut. 32:11-12
How To Succeed In Life    Prov. 3:6

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