AP: Israel At 70— Contrasting Images of Victory and Violence
Seventy years since the day of Israel's founding, wildly contrasting images of victory and violence showcased the contradictions that bedevil the Jewish state.  Deadly protests flared along the Gaza border, where troops killed dozens of Palestinians, while politicians feted the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem as a symbol of ironclad alliance with Washington. And with improbably odd timing, seemingly oblivious to both, crowds gathered in liberal Tel Aviv to exult over the winner of a campy European pop contest. Nahum Barnea, Israel's leading columnist, said the events highlighted the country's fragmented nature and how even after seven decades it still cannot escape its conflict with the Arabs or its unquenchable thirst for recognition....LINK
Ch. Post: California's Assisted Suicide Law Overturned as Christian Mom Once Offered Lethal Drugs Celebrates
A Christian mother who was offered a lethal dose of suicide pills as alternative treatment for her terminal cancer a week after California's physician-assisted suicide law went into effect almost two years ago, celebrated on Tuesday when a state judge overturned the law calling it unconstitutional.....LINK
CBN News: With Trump Impeachment at Stake, Will Evangelical Voters Show up for the Midterm Elections?
Thanks to a record turnout of evangelicals in the 2016 election, President Trump sits in the Oval Office with a majority on Capitol Hill. Now, all eyes are on the 2018 midterms. The big question this time is will that same force head to the polls without Mr. Trump's name on the ballot?....LINK
Press TV: Turkey Urges Islamic World to Unite Against Israel
Turkey has urged Islamic countries to review their ties with Israel after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire on the Gaza border. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told his ruling party in parliament that Ankara would call an extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). "Islamic countries should without fail review their relations with Israel," Premier Yildirim said, adding, “The Islamic world should move as one, with one voice, against this massacre."...LINK
Christian Post: White House Distances Itself From Robert Jeffress' Comments on the Salvation of Jews
The White House has distanced itself from Donald Trump spiritual adviser Robert Jeffress' past comments on the salvation of Jews after criticism over the fact that Southern Baptist pastor led prayer at the opening ceremony of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem Monday.....LINK
CBN News: 'One of the Largest Threats to Free Speech We Have Ever Seen': How Conservatives Are Fighting Back
A new, permanent coalition has been created in response to what some have called the continued online restriction and censorship of conservatives and their organizations by tech giants including Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube. On Tuesday, the Media Research Center (MRC) along with 18 leading conservative organizations like Project Veritas, ACT for America, and the National Organization for Marriage announced the creation of the Conservatives Against Online Censorship.  ....LINK
World Net Daily: Bomb Terror Targets Christian Churches In Indonesia
As the Christian minority in Indonesia celebrated Sunday services a week before Pentecost, Islamic terrorists attacked three churches with bombs, killing at least 13 and wounding scores in the worst such onslaught in 18 years.....LINK
Christian Post: Franklin Graham Talks Jesus Christ's Return, Fulfillment of Prophecy as Jerusalem Embassy Opens
The Rev. Franklin Graham has made note of prophecy surrounding the return of Jesus Christ as Christians and Jews mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Israel and the U.S. embassy's official opening in Jerusalem.....LINK
Newsweek: Pastor Robert Jeffress Denies Slamming Judaism, Claims His Comments Have Been Taken Out of Context
The pastor who spoke at the event marking the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem has hit back at claims he is a “bigot,” denying making inflammatory comments about Judaism. Southern Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress said in an interview with Fox News that he had not said anything derogatory about Judaism and accused his critics of taking him out of context and “launching a vicious and unfounded attack” on him. Among those critics is Mormon and former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who tweeted on Sunday evening....   .LINK              PLEASE SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW
Jim Denison: Explaining the Gaza Conflict as Death Toll Rises
History was made Monday when Israel observed its seventieth anniversary as a nation and the United States officially moved its embassy to Jerusalem. However, the day was historic from a very different perspective as well.....LINK
National Review: The Push Is on For Elderly Assisted Suicide
The assisted suicide in Switzerland of the aged scientist David Goodall — and the media swoon over the event — has pushed the assisted-suicide advocacy envelope beyond the dying to the elderly.....LINK
David Cloud: Emerging Independent Baptists
The call for an Independent Baptist “unity in the essentials” movement is growing rapidly. This, of course, is one of the foundational principles both of New Evangelicalism and of the emerging church.  Consider Pastor Tom Messer and Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, home of Trinity Baptist College. I don’t know Pastor Messer personally. He is probably a likable guy, and I’m sure there are commendable things at Trinity. That is not the issue. The issue is whether there is “death in the pot.”   Messer believes that the Independent Baptist movement should take a stand against “divisiveness,” downplay issues such as music for the sake of world missions, pay attention to the church growth gurus, and put more emphasis on social work and social justice issues.  Consider the following statements from a blog........LINK
National Review: Transhumanism— A Wail of Despair in the Night
.....For those who may still be unaware of this futuristic social movement, transhumanists seek to “seize control of human evolution” by harnessing the naked power of biotech, cyber tech, and computer tech, to engineer into themselves the powers of movie super-heroes and, eventually, achieve life without end. When transhumanism first emerged from the high academy such as Oxford and Yale, the focus was on radical individual redesign. Transhumanists believed that they could genetically alter themselves to increase their intelligence exponentially or.......LINK
World Net Daily: Mike Huckabee Says  California Is In a 
'Massive Attack On Christianity'
A plan pending in the California legislature that promoters say is necessary so people with same-sex inclinations don’t hear messages challenging them has now gotten the attention of Gov. Mike Huckabee.  In a message to supporters he says the proposal, AB 2943, on which WND has reported multiple times, is “a terrible storm that’s brewing on the horizon.”  It would ban counseling, conferences and even printed materials that advocate for ways to get rid of unwanted same-sex attractions, and several experts have not only confirmed the vaguely written proposal could ban sales of Bibles, but one ministry expert has announced plans to boycott the state with his conferences. “You may have heard the news or seen the reports, but people of faith in California are bracing for one of the most dramatic ideological shifts away from the First Amendment in our nation’s history,” Huckabee said. ....LINK
CBN News: US Embassy Move Ushers in New Era for Israel, Jerusalem and the Nations
Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan is heading the American delegation attending the ceremony in Jerusalem marking the US Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Israel's capital. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin, President Trump's daughter Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner, US congressmen and American Jewish and Christian leaders are also part of the group. President Trump is being hailed as courageous for implementing a 23-year-old law mandating the move. The long-awaited decision represents a significant turning point for the city and the Jewish people. All this excitement comes 70 years to the day after Harry Truman became the first world leader to recognize the modern state of Israel....LINK
Vision & Values: Speech, Art, and the Masterpiece Cakeshop
.....But as serious as discrimination is, compelled speech is also a weighty harm. Inconsistent criteria for determining discrimination threatens to open antidiscrimination law for abuse. Consider that Phillips has served gay customers while declining requests for lewd, Halloween, and divorce-themed cakes. He chooses projects based on their themes, not the customer’s protected status. Yet, Colorado dismissed this rationale as a “distinction without a difference.” The state’s failure to recognize Phillips’ reasoning seems unjustified, especially when it acknowledged other bakers’ autonomy to decline objectionable proposals....LINK
The Hill: Romney Excoriates Jeffress Over 'Mormonism Is a Heresy From the Pit of Hell' Statement
Senate candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) on Sunday night denounced the pastor expected to speak at Monday's ceremony celebrating the opening of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. "Robert Jeffress says 'you can’t be saved by being a Jew,' and 'Mormonism is a heresy from the pit of hell.' He’s said the same about Islam. Such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the United States Embassy in Jerusalem," Romney tweeted.....LINK                    PLEASE SEE THE EDITOR'S DISCLAIMER BELOW
Yahoo News: Microchips Get Under the Skin of Technophile Swedes
It’s the size of a grain of rice but could hold the key to many aspects of your life. A tiny microchip inserted under the skin can replace the need to carry keys, credit cards and train tickets. That might sound like an Orwellian nightmare to some but in Sweden it is a welcome reality for a growing number who favours convenience over concerns of potential personal data violations.....LINK
YNet News: Jews, Arabs Clash on Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day
The Jerusalem Police said that several Jewish visitors broke the rules of conduct and created provocation, leading to their removal from the site. Nevertheless, visits to the Temple Mount were allowed to continue.....LINK
LA Times Opinion: Paul Ryan, the Chaplain and a Crack In Interfaith Conservatism
....The "November prayer" was the prayer Conroy delivered on Nov. 6 as members were preparing to act on a Republican tax-reform bill. It contained this plea: "May their efforts these days guarantee that there are not winners and losers under new tax laws, but benefits balanced and shared by all Americans." Not exactly liberation theology, but Ryan was reportedly not amused. According to Conroy, the speaker told him: "Padre, you just got to stay out of politics." That makes it sound as if the dispute that led to Conroy's sacking was political, not religious (and, anyway, Ryan himself is Catholic). But after Conroy's resignation was announced, an uglier subtext surfaced: Apparently some Protestant House Republicans didn't like the idea of being ministered to by a Catholic priest.....LINK                     PLEASE SEE THE EDITOR'S DISCLAIMER BELOW
CBN News: 'No One Should Live In Fear Because of Their Beliefs': 
Ambassador Brownback's Plan to Fight Christian Persecution
US Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback is unveiling new plans to combat persecution of Christians around the world.  "No one should live in fear because of their religious beliefs," Brownback said.....LINK
CNS News: 23 Major League Baseball Teams to Promote Homosexuality at ‘LGBT Pride’ Nights
Sadly, 23 of the 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams are promoting homosexuality through “LGBT Pride” nights this year, reported Outsports.com In addition, only two MLB teams — New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels — have never held such “pride” nights.....LINK
New York Magazine: #MeToo in the Pews— A Backlash to the Southern Baptist Patriarchy
Tendrils of the #MeToo movement are reaching into unexpected corners of the patriarchal rock garden of American society. Most notably, a series of sexist and even violence-excusing remarks from Southern Baptist Convention theologian and former SBC president Paige Patterson is creating an unprecedented backlash in that famously conservative and politically incorrect faith community, the largest among American conservative evangelicals. Notably 2,500 Baptist women signed an open letter asking the overseers of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.......LINK
David R. Brumbelow: Open Letter to SWBTS Trustees Concerning Paige Patterson
 Dear Trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, I write in defense of your president and my friend, Dr. Paige Patterson.  I have known him for about 40 years.  I knew him when, at great sacrifice, he and many others stood for the inerrancy of God’s Word, in the SBC Conservative Resurgence.  Of course, he is not perfect, just like us all.  But he has stood for the faith, evangelism, revivals, missions.  He is a first class scholar, and has lived an exemplary moral life.  Now, because Dr. Patterson has not said some things exactly right in our extra sensitive climate, he is being condemned by his enemies.  They attack him for things they overlook in others.  They negatively magnify anything he says that could be taken the wrong way.  This is now in spite of the fact Brother Paige has apologized for, and clarified, his statements that have been hurtful.  Who of us could withstand withering criticism and publicity of any misstatements we have made over the last several decades?  Who of us could withstand having our statements taken in the absolutely worst light?  ....LINK
David Cloud: Israel’s Unthankfulness
Individual exceptions aside, as a nation Israel doesn’t give God the glory for its successful return to the land, its statehood, its development, the winning of its wars, its technological prowess and prosperity.  On a visit in 2017, after an Israel tour guide pointed out some impressive national monuments of various heroes of its independence and statehood, I asked him to show us Israel’s monument of thanksgiving to God for these things, and he admitted there is no such monument. Israel’s founders gave little or no glory to God. Most were “secular Jews” who were either agnostics or atheists....in reality, Israel owes everything to God.  Every step of Israel’s preservation, return, and subsequent success has been a cliffhanger that could easily have failed and, in fact, should have failed. ....LINK
CBN News: 'Christians Need to Unhitch the Old Testament from Their Faith': 
Andy Stanley's Sermon Draws Social Media Backlash
Popular evangelist Andy Stanley recently raised the ire of some Christians on social media when he publicly said that Christians need to "unhitch" the Old Testament from their faith. Stanley, the senior pastor of the North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, made the comments during an April 30 sermon to his congregation....According to The Christian Post, Stanley said that while he believes that the Old Testament is "divinely inspired," it should not be "the go-to source regarding any behavior in the church.....LINK
Christian Post: Southern Baptist Leader Paige Patterson Issues Apology to Women for 'Inappropriate' Language
Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, issued on Thursday an apology for his past statements, including how he described advice he gave in a domestic violence situation as well as a sermon illustration involving a "built" teen girl....LINK
Christian Post: Five Things to Know About the Paige Patterson Controversy
The largest Protestant denomination in America is embroiled in controversy over past remarks about abuse and divorce from of one of its top leaders, Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.....LINK
AP: In Rematch, North Carolina Race as Much About Trump as Faith
The rematch of an extremely close 2016 North Carolina congressional primary may hinge as much on which Republican candidate seems to more vigorously support President Donald Trump as who more successfully mobilizes Christian conservatives. Only 134 votes separated U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger and the Rev. Mark Harris two years ago in the race for the Republican nomination in a freshly redrawn 9th District that grafted parts of affluent Charlotte and its suburbs onto poor, rural counties along the South Carolina border north to abut Fort Bragg.....LINK
Lifezette: Disney World Drops ‘Night of Joy’ Christian Music Festival
Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has decided to end its long-running annual Christian festival, called Night of Joy, which began in 1983 at the Magic Kingdom. Since it premiered more than 30 years ago, the faith-based night has been a popular attraction for families. It featured such Christian rock artists as Amy Grant, Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, and others.....LINK
CBN News: US Embassy Move to Jerusalem is ‘Birthday Present’ For Israel’s 70th, Israeli Says
More than 22 years after the US Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act mandating the US Embassy be moved to Jerusalem, it’s finally happening.  Every six months for more than 20 years, presidents who had promised to move the embassy while on the campaign trail signed security waivers to avoid the move.  To be fair, there are always real security concerns in the Middle East.....LINK
Jerusalem Post: Israel Strikes Dozens of Iranian Targets In Syria
Israel struck 50 Iranian targets in Syria after 20 rockets were fired towards Israel’s front defensive line in the Golan Heights…The targets all belonged to IRGC’s Quds Force and included intelligence sites, logistics headquarters, a military compound and logistics complex in Kiswah near the Syrian capital of Damascus, weapons storage sites belonging at Damascus International Airport, intelligence systems and installations, as well as observation, military posts and military hardware in the buffer zone.....LINK
kobi5.com: President Trump Featured on Israeli Coin
An Israeli organization has minted a coin bearing President Donald Trump’s image to honor his decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. The Mikdash Educational Center said Wednesday that the “Temple Coin” featured Trump alongside King Cyrus, who 2,500 years ago allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem from their exile in Babylon. A representative from the center said that they wanted to honor President Trump on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence. ....LINK
teaparty.org: Boy Scouts Lose 425,000 Boys One Week After Announcing Name Change
The Scouts should have been prepared for this. One week after the century-old Boy Scouts of America announced it was changing its name and its mission to accept girls at all levels of scouting, its single biggest participant announced Tuesday that it was cutting ties to the Scouts. And taking one-fifth of the Scouts membership with it.....LINK
Kevin Schaal: Responding to Controversy— Stay and Fight or Separate 
.....To operate within the same denominational structure with false teachers means that you will sit together on the same boards, share the same retirement program, and pay one another’s salaries. 2 John 10-11 indicates that those that aid false teachers or publicly affirm them become complicit in their activities. It is the theological equivalent of aiding and abetting criminals. There can be no clearer application.......LINK
Baptist Press: Churchgoers Say They Tithe, But Not Always To Church
Half of Protestant churchgoers say their tithes can go to a Christian ministry rather than a church, compared to what is often taught by pastors and Bible study aids. A third say tithes can go to help an individual in need and nearly one in five say tithes can even go a secular charity"...LINK
Matt Recker: Three Powerful Steps in Standing for Truth
One might think that the first century church was full of heaven on earth: the apostles were present, miracles were abundant, and revelation was fresh and new. The books of 1, 2, and 3 John, however, give us an open window into severe inner tensions within Christ’s body.....LINK
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