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  • A Growing Number of Parents Are Refusing Their Children Smartphones

    The evidence linking smartphone use with mental health harms in children is growing and a U.K. grassroots organization is supporting parents who are refraining from giving their kids the devices.

  • CBN News: Reports Suggest Hamas May Be Crumbling

    Israel has received intelligence from insiders in the Hamas terrorist organization as it has been hunting down the group's top leaders. Reports say Hamas is looking at a possible "major internal breach..."

  • Quadruple-Boosted Joe Biden Tests Positive For COVID-19 For Third Time

    ...Biden, 81, was tested for COVID in Las Vegas and an event at a local Mexican restaurant where he was photographed shaking hands with patrons and sitting down next to them.

  • Kent Brandenburg: Optimistic Premillennialism

    ...To believe in postmillennialism, advocates commonly caricature and trash premillennialism. One particular attack is upon the pessimism of premillennialism...The optimism of premillennialism should come from looking forward to the kingdom of Jesus Christ, but Jesus is King to true Christians right now. 

  • How To Respond When a Christian Leader Experiences a Serious Failing

    Seeking God is critical, but along with that process, there are some immediate practical choices that have to be made. If you’re a church leader, elder, board member, or know someone who is, this is a critical list you should share and keep handy just in case a crisis happens in your church:

  • Proclaim & Defend: Meditating On the Name of God

    ...It is fitting that the God of all being should use the simplest expression in human language to communicate: I AM. I exist. I am Reality. All that is, is of Me. In fact,  I AM, reveals much of who this God is.

  • Harbingers Daily: To Deny God’s Wrath Is To Reject His Holiness

    Satan has sold the world a bill of goods concerning the nature of God. Most people, both Christian and non-Christian, tend to view God as being a sort of Cosmic Teddy Bear...The only problem with this wonderfully comforting image is that it is a lie straight from the pit of Hell.

  • ETH: The Nation’s 911 System Is On the Brink of Its Own Emergency

    ...There are more than 6,000 911 call centers to handle an estimated 240 million emergency calls each year...More than three-quarters of call centers experienced outages in the prior 12 months...

  • Harbingers Daily: Do We Have Time To Make America Great Again?

    But is there still time in God’s economy to make America great after years of unspeakable wreckage? Have you noticed the calamities throughout the planet that affect all of America’s policies?

  • Religion News: Five Faith Facts About Trump’s VP Pick, JD Vance

    ...Vance, an adult convert to Catholicism and married to a Hindu woman, has a complicated relationship with religion...Here are five faith facts about Vance.

  • Breitbart: Dr. Ben Carson Says It Is Time For a ‘Revival’ In the Country

    It is time for “revival” in the United States, Dr. Ben Carson told Breitbart News during a sit-down interview at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Wednesday.

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